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Caffe Tutorial - Part 1 - basic feedforward nets
LPCs using the Burg method in Julia
LPCs using the Modified Covariance Method in Julia
LPCs using the Covariance Method in Julia
Implementing Linear Prediction Coefficients in Julia
Fast Calculation of Autocorrelation Coefficients in Julia
Removing Annotations from the Brown Corpus with Sed
Auto-generating an Index for Blogger posts
Dictionaries in Julia


CODZ ciphers, testing RC4 in python
CODZ 8. sha_paper
CODZ cipher 13. kin_paper_torn straddle checkerboard?
The CODZ Mob of the dead ADFGX cipher
A look at the second Feynman cipher - fractionated morse [part 4]
A look at the second Feynman cipher [part 3]
A quick look at the 3rd Feynman cipher
A look at the second Feynman cipher [part 2]
A look at the second Feynman cipher [part 1]
Breaking Substitution Ciphers Part 1

Machine Learning

Installing RNNLIB on Ubuntu 14.04
Running the CURRENNT rnn library
Writing HDF5 files for Currennt
Installing Currennt on ubuntu 14.04
Numerically Checking Neural Net Gradients
Caffe Tutorial - Part 1 - basic feedforward nets

Speech Processing

Framing and reconstructing speech signals
Processing lists of files in MATLAB
Adding Noise of a certain SNR to audio files
Reading and writing NIST, RAW and WAV files in MATLAB
Generating Pretty Spectrograms in MATLAB
Log Area Ratios and Inverse Sine coefficients
MMSE Estimators for Speech Enhancement


Converting PDB files to FASTA format with python
Getting HHBlits to produce profiles
Getting SPINEX to produce Protein Secondary Structure
Getting PSI-BLAST to create PSSMs


Multivariate Wiener Filter Derivation
Expected Value of a Rayleigh Distribution
MMSE Estimators for Speech Enhancement


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