Sunday 30 November 2014

Processing lists of files in MATLAB

It is often necessary to apply a certain operation to many files all at once e.g. adding noise to a database, creating feature files from a list of audio files, enhancing files, etc. This post will explain the method I use for processing lists of files, because I tend to use it quite often.

The main points are to use the unix find command to generate the file list (of course this is not necessary, any method for generating file lists is fine), then use matlab's fgetl to read each file name and process it. The code for adding noise to a list of NIST files is below, you can find the read_NIST_file script here, and the addnoise script can be found here.

Note that we check for end of file by checking ischar(wavname), once the end of file is reached, wavname (a line from the file list) will no longer contain character data.

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