Thursday 16 January 2014

Auto-generating an Index for Blogger posts

I am not a big fan of blog layouts, it is usually very difficult to find a certain page without using a search engine. To fix this, I wanted to create an Index page with headings and all the posts I have written. I don't want to do this manually, however, as that seems like a lot of ongoing work. There are solutions that use javascript to dynamically build an Index page from a feed, but this means that google won't index the page. So my solution was to go with a semi-manual process in which I use a python script to build the html Index page from the blog feed, then I just have to paste the html into the blog periodically.

The code below generates the following page: index.html

The headings in the page are generated from the labels for the page, e.g. this page is labeled as "Programming", so it appears under the Programming heading. Note that you will have to change the line with "" with your own blog url. To run the code, save the code into a file called e.g. "", then use python to run the code. This will output html, copy and paste it into a page on your blogger site.